You are the envelope to my letters

you know the reason why i fall in love with you?

its the simple things, that other people will dismiss. 

its the fact that you are always here to listen, when nobody else was
its the fact that i can miss the silence we exchange and feel comforted by it
its the fact that i am not afraid of losing you, because you make me feel like i am safe, like i am home

its the way you notice my imperfections, and choose to accept it
its the way you read me like an open book, when im actually made of scattered pieces of shabby letters, waiting to be put together

its the simple things, really. like
how you would put up your brown hair because i like it that way
how you know that i love your smell, and you left your favorite sweater in my room
how you respect the way i see the world, and
how you understand what happens underneath my acts without me putting them into words. 

its the way your eyes look at me, that can make me feel like i am worth to be loved. 

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