Looking, but not seeing.

It was raining, and i was coming back home. Two of them were talking and i was alone, wrapped in my own thoughts. I remember looking out at the window, but i don't remember what i was seeing. Have you ever been like that?

Looking, but not seeing.

My eyes gazed to the raining road, but i was seeing something else. My thoughts in the form of pictures, flashing in front of my eyes.

And then you called. And i combusted.


I combusted like an expired firework, broken. I had kept the complex wires all alone, waiting for someone to trigger me off. But no one came, and oh how I wish you did.

Oh how i wished you knew that i don't need sugar coated love letters or a money tree; i just need affection. 

People don't realize that sometimes the simplest things are the most needed ones. Like how Maslow explained it: the most basic necessities for humans are the ones that need to be fulfilled first. 

When my world crushes and scattered, is it too much for me to expect you to say:

"Are you okay?"
"How are you coping up?"
"Do you need me?"

It annoys me, no, it frustrates me to think that my well being is not a concern for you. When all i need is a basic questions that means so much, because it tells me that at least when everything is running away from me, i have you. i still have you all along.