642 Things To Write About

You're in the middle of a coffee shop, and time grinds to a halt. Describe the scene.

Time grinds to a halt? Wouldn't it be like in the movies.. where everything freezes, except me. The smell of coffees which i love is filling the cafe. The couple who is occupying the table next to me seem to be happy, i almost wish for time to stay on hold so that they can enjoy their happiness a bit longer. The guy's eyes are full of sparkle, laughing happily. The girl's left hand is covering her mouth, the other one pinching her boyfriend's wrist. The girl sitting on the corner of the cafe is alone, like me, with a hoodie covering half of her face. Now that i can observe her, it seems like she was holding back her tears. Frozen fumes are flying on top of her untouched coffee. If time wasn't stopping, i think her hands would be trembling. I can see the waiters and their bored faces clearly now. The cashier's face is particularly hilarious, as she is frozen while yawning. A waiter who is not very far from me seem to be on her way approaching a customer who was about to order. The air conditioner stopped working, but i am not bothered. For once, i can see the world clearly. I can see hot steams dancing above the brown coffee, and the dusts falling from the old roof. And i for once, i feel reassured. About everything.