i guess its human nature to feel like there is something off with them. like waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth, but half of yourself is actually still asleep. like an unfit new jeans. like a book without cover. an incomplete set of puzzle.

rather than a complaint, i guess this is a reflection. a self confession letter, to somehow remind oneself that most of the times in life it would look like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. there's always this one person who has it all, grasping everything you have always wanted so easily. most of the times you'll be taken aback and think "ah, i wish it was me", "wow, if only i could be them". 

i often find myself get drowned too deep in those thoughts, doing what ifs which completely has no point, but these thoughts came rushing in like i was a prey, and i couldn't be helped.