when i said i love you 
i was expecting a rush of 
love coming to wrap us both

when i said i love you
i was expecting a hug 
then maybe a kiss on the forehead

when i said i love you
i thought a simple reply would do
i tiptoed to get closer to your beating heart
to hear the sound of safety
and i take one more step toward you
to sniff your favorite perfume
that has become mine too

when i said i love you
i was expecting a smile
no, a half smirk with two loving eyes
and a sigh of relief 
maybe a redened cheeks

when i said i love you
you looked at me
not the way i thought it would be
your brown eyes question
your brown eyes trust
your brown eyes satisfy
and then i knew

it was more than anything i have ever asked for
when you put your left hand on my head
then down to my cheek and 
your hand stayed there

your brown eyes stare 
and i knew
before you even said anything
that you loved me too

but instead
you took a deep sigh and let
a calming voice of yours
"i love you more"

August 13th 2014 
Selma Halida