Make Peace with Yourself

(its now 4:15 am and this is going to be a heavy post.)


i think i've found the key. the key to make peace with your life. to fix it up even when its already broken. 

the most important thing isn't lying to yourself about how everything would turn out good — its the opposite. 

you need to make peace with yourself first. embrace your own imperfections, and your flawed life. maybe things wont get better, who knows? but you dont need things to get better. what you need is yourself to get better. it all starts from the breed, and the breed is deep inside you.

second — dont lose faith. dont lose hope. because what are we without hope? without goals and without dreams? you are going to lose your focus /your goals/ at some point in your life, because the road is slippery and a lot of obstacles waiting for you. but somehow when you're way too off track — you'll realize that having somewhere to go is needed in order to know the right path to step onto. get up, dont be buried too deep in your own misery. 

make peace with yourself — then remind yourself of the life goals that has driven you to go the first place.