I Lost Me

i think, lately ;last few months; i have been too focus on blaming. blaming you, him, her, this, situation, things. just simply anything i could grip.

i am circling around the same circuit; disappointment. i have been sucked deeply, that i forgot to take care of myself.

i have changed, yes i have said that, and yes i have thought about it in a positive way. but there is some things that i lost throughout the progress. 

i lost me. well, i mean, i have lost someone i have known for years as me. i have lost something, and i think its a soul.

i left it off somewhere, and i cant remember where it was to pick it up.

i miss me.

i cant write. posts became shorter. poems become dull. books become too boring to read. movies become the background sound of my daydream. 

all i feel is tiredness. i feel tired of everything. i am fed up. i want to sleep because its the only thing that makes me at least calm and relax. life becomes too much to bear lately. 

i miss poem. i miss writing. i miss reading. i miss watching. i just cant do it. i just cant do it. 

where are you, dear me? i miss you.