I know ignoring you isn't a solution
I know running away ends up like a nightmare
But how am i suppose to react, when your act hurts too bad, like a knife straight to the heart, and i cant suck up oxygen anymore?

I used to avoid what makes the war worse. But it is worst. I have nothing to lose -- it cant get any worse than this, right? Please tell me i am right.

I am cutting off the threads that tangle. Which means i am that tired. Which means i am that numb, which means i dont care anymore. I am running away now. I am not returning your calls. Because my head hurts so bad and my eye hurts, and i have black circle under my eyes, and i dont want to to talk or disturbed and thats all thanks to you. And it doesn't mean this is the first time you put me through this, and thats the point. It happens over and over again — and i am over it.

P.s : my effort on leaving coffee for life is fucking silly — i cant live without cafein. Especially in the worst times.