Project '14 #2

this week's late update on the project is not my fault! damn slow wifi is the one to blame.

Thursday: gettin' prepped up to make SKY '14 teaser vid.

note: on Mon i couldnt stand the pain in my left arm so i went home early to go to the doctor and turned out i have to use this whatevercalled support sock for the rest of the week. and if it doesnt get better, it means tangaku patah.

Friday: parents day. in business management class with Tum

met Far after school to help her get things done

Mom got back from Fili and transited in Spore and bought mea lot of Daim; looks like she wants me to get obesity

Spending SAT night with Acha; kadang kadang nge-date pas SatNight biar ga kalah sama yang punya pacar. (meskipun sama cewel) (meskipun sama orang retard kayak acha) (meskipun tangan digantung)(meskipun diliatin orang)(meskipun Acha does have angga.)