Life and Death and Knowledge

Something to start Friday; ending weekdays and starting weekends.


Life and Death and KnowledgeGabriel Gadfly

I.You have only these hours and days.

II.When you accept them,you have no need ofafterlives or priorlives.You have the single empty boxof a life and all the universeto fill it with.

III.Live like this: there is an end to you.Don’t fear it. Don’t wallow.Flowers wilt. Rivers dry up.Even the stars extinguish themselves.Have your time and then let it go.

IV.Do not shy from your endingwith mad horse eyes.

V.Allow the box of your life,when you have filled it,to have its spaces.Resist the temptationto stuff the gaps with godswho do not know you.

VI.Pull Uncertainty into your armsand kiss her on the lips:too many neglect her,but she is an eager lover,and desires only your attention.Let her teach you how to say“I don’t know, and that is beautiful.”

VII.You have only these minutes and years.