i feel like - it shouldn't be a surprise though - i lack of something these days. i don't know really.
i lack of feelings. i lack of happiness, i lack of numbness, i lack of sadness, i even lack of words.

i've been really trying to write something but nothingness was the result.

is there really something beneath numb? like you are numb of numbness - if that makes sense.

i dont watch movies, i have piles of books next to my bed and inside my bag; but im just not feeling it. i dont look out for musics, i dont watch youtubes. i really do lack of something.

poetry is still here anyway. i found this so pretty.

Norman MacCaig

I look across the table and think
(fiery with love)
Ask me, go on, ask me
to do something impossible,
something freakishly useless,
something unimaginable and inimitable
Like making a finger break into blossom
or walking for half an hour in twenty minutes
or remembering tomorrow.
I will you to ask it.
But all you say is
Will you give me a cigarette?
And I smile and,
returning to the marvelous world
of possibility
I give you one
with a hand that trembles
with a human trembling.


anyways, here is a link of today's highlight: click me

good night lovelies.