For the Quirky Ones

This is for you who think you are not okay
But you can’t pinpoint which one is wrong

This is for you, who cries in the dark and get through the daylight with a smile on your face
And think that you are the only one who are like that

This is for you who feel like you don’t belong to where you are
But you somehow love it anyway

This is for you - the quirky one who nobody gets

This is for you, the one who cant be themselves around the people you care most about

This is for you, who’s misunderstood 

This is for you, whose cry for help isn’t heard 

This is for you, the beautiful underdogs

This is for you, the one who overthink every single thing

This is for you, the lonely ones who think you are not worthy enough for anyone 

This is for you, yes you, the girl with the smeared mascara. Next time buy a waterproof one.

This is for you, the one who is being left behind

This is for you, who think you aren’t wanted 

This is for you, you, the solitude lover, the one who realize that things change, and sometimes the one you thought was important, doesn’t matter anymore.

This is for you, who don’t have someone to call in the middle of the night

This is for you, who probably don’t realize that you are loved

Hey you. Maybe you think you are the only one. Maybe you think nobody will understand. Maybe you think life is unfair.

Let me tell you

Its okay, you know. To be alone. To enjoy silence. To only have a handful of people you actually care and trust. To be misunderstood. You are not alone. 

You are not them. You are not your wonderful friends. You are you, the wonderful you. And you have that quirks you need to embrace. Let them be, let it be, let you be you. Don’t follow the main stream, follow what your heart tells you.

Someday everything will not matter anymore, someday the silly things where you put all your attention to wont matter.

Forget your regrets; start living what’s in front of you. Regrets are in the past, shit happened, but they wont happen again. Thats why you need to make mistakes, you learn from it. 

It is okay not to be okay. We are all not okay, anyway. It is okay to fake your smile throughout the day; sometimes it can be a reminder to you that you are strong enough. It doesn’t mean you are fake; it means you are tough. But being tough doesn’t mean closing the door all the time either. Open yourself to those who love you. Cry with them, mad at them, shout at them. They will still be there; they are not going anywhere. 

If they were, they don’t deserve you.

You are not alone. 

* * *

“Knocks on the door”

Knocks on the door.
I sweep the dust of my loneliness
under the rug.
I arrange a smile
and open.