BELIEVE: Justin Bieber's Documentary

Some of you might be getting ready to leave my blog since you read the title, but believe me, this one is not about fangirling. And it might open your eyes a little, so keep reading if you dont mind.

31th Dec:

I just watched BELIEVE, which is Justin Bieber's second documentary movie, and i can't lie that i found myself smiling throughout the movie.

I found out that everyone needs therapy, to let the demons in yourself out, to be free, to be relieved. And it is different for each person. And that everyone includes celebrities. 

Writing is my therapy. And making music is their therapy — Xtina with her The Voice Within, Justin with Believe and the list goes on.

And it somehow amazes me.

I have declared that I am no longer a belieber, and I still am not. However, because I was once a hardcore one, i already know too much about his life that I could not resist not to watch the movie.

I almost teared up too actually.... Especially the Avalanna part.

The reason why I am not a fan of him anymore is because his music changed in his latest album. But I can't deny one thing though:

He earned his spot in this music industry.

Not because I am a fan, I am going to say this objectively.

So what I realized today, the reason why I fell in love with him, beside his old music that spoke to me, his lyrics, his melodies that are so beautiful, his performances, the effort he put, and the way he dances (and don't forget those sexy abs ;)) there is one thing I've always admired about him, something I can relate to, something i really adore, something that really inspires me; his hard work.

Being a belieber taught me a lot — not just stalking, but how behind the blitz and the glamour, there is a dedicated work. A hard work.

And his hard work is what make him deserves every penny he made out of his music — if its about money. He deserves every happiness he received, and he deserves every awards he got.

And not just a "hard work", but "a hard wok despite being an underdog." Oh gurlllll.

People hate Justin Bieber. Not all people, but you know what I mean.

Everything that he had done, portraying a more mature image, making more mature music and videos — doing a lot of charities, even, people are still hating on him. Saying he is a girl, when his voice is actually has changed — are you living in a cave, gurl? And all those hatred aren't stopping. But that's the price you have to pay when you are that famous, I guess.

 But a lot of people are not only hating on him, they tend to underestimate him too, thinking he is still that little boy with long bangs singing baby with a grey hoodie. And that's a lot of pressure — it could be devastating. Because people are too narrow-minded to see the changes in you. 

But guess what. That doesn't stop him. And it may sound so cliché, but he believed in himself, he believed in his fans, he believed in his God, and he made it through.

Being an underdog triggers him to be better.

People criticize him a lot — he wears his pants so low, he flipped to the paparazzi, who FYI harassed him verbally, he went to strip clubs, he hangs with the wrong people. Say bad things about him whatever you want, but it's not fair if  you only see the negativity. You need to see whats behind it, when he is at home and making music. When he is in the studio and recording. When he is in the dance studio and practicing, while teenagers like him are getting high. When he couldn't even hang out in McDs like what normal people do, when he spent a lot of time with Avalanna, a sick little girl who was a fan of him. Not a family, not a best friend. But he cared, and he cried when she was gone. People need to see the sacrifices he made — because they are not easy.

I am not a teenage popstar, and my life is far from his, but I somehow can relate to it. And he keeps on inspiring me. 

And I don't care if some of what he did is made up, for marketing only, I know for sure that the success he reached cost him a lot of sacrifices and hard work.


I saw Pewdiepie's new year video and he said he wanted to have more relaxing time. Behind the laughs and the careless attitude he showed us, he is a hard worker too. Ahahahah i looooove hard workers <3