Helloooooo everyone

Since im spending my holiday in Surabaya, i have too much spare time because:
1) i dont have anyone to hang out with
2) surabaya doesnt have a lot to offer — and if they do, i probably have already been there and done that.
3) i am too lazy to do anything lately, not even working out or do some yoga — this is really bad, im telling you.

So, i decided to blog more to fill in my boring days and i am actually grateful for this spare time because i haven't been able to really write and focus on the art of writing like i have always aimed to do because school has that skill of keeping me busy and stressed out.

I know i have posted once in a while for the last few months, but believe me, it was all out of anger, sadness or depression. I haven't actually write something decently. I didn't re-read and edit what i wrote, and i actually didn't even really think while i was writing. 

And looking back, i am so fucking ashamed of my messy writings. And to warn you, i am not promising you a better blog post with full of idioms or poetry-a-like sentences, or to edit my emotional writings before i post it in the future, because sometimes messy blabber is what i actually need to release the unwanted feelings. So bear with me! 

Now that i actually have time, i want to blog as many as i can — and by that i mean once a day, lol. —and i am thinking, "since 2013 is almost over, why dont i make a year end countdowns?"

To be honest, i am not going to write about my most wonderful memories in 2013 because i am just simply TOO LAZY for that.

But other than that, lets start the year end countdown!

* * *

YEAR END COUNTDOWN: [Favourite] December Haul!

Its not all that i've bought this month. No, definitely not. Since Xmas and New Year Sale is everywhere. But these are some of my favourites!

1. REVLON Colorstay Whipped Creme: so, my mom has always been the one who picked out my make ups because i trust her and i was too lazy, but lately i realized that her skin tone choice for make ups is too bright for my skin, since she picked them out based on her skin tone. So when my cousin held her wedding this month, i decided to do some make up shopping. To be honest, it was pretty confusing to find the right foundation for my skin because mine isnt really bright nor dark. PAC actually has a foundation that is close to my skin color but when i tried REVLON's i just fell in love instantly. Its just so smooth and it covers up blemishes pretty well, although i still need to put on some concealer. Its not too thick that it wont make my face feels and looks cakey (this is important). I am using the 320 warm golden, and i must say i am happy with the way it turned out. It's form is like a whipped creme; its not really a liquid foundation. I like to apply my foundation with brushes, but so far i found out that using fingers is the best way to apply it. However, i have such an oily skin, that after 3/4 hours of using it, my T zone is starting to shine pretty bad :( i still havent found the primer/spray which controls oil that works well. If any of you know what product is good for oily skin, hit me up!

2. K√©rastase Specifique Shampoo: long story short, i have problems with my hair months ago that i decided to see a doctor. She gave me a medicated shampoo that caused my hair to go dry and frizzy, but clean up my scalp. At first i was okay with my frizzy hair as long as i can eventually get my healthy hair back, and at first it all worked out well — my scalp was finally getting cleaner. But after months, i found my scalp really dry, and a lot of pimples coming out on my scalp. I know it sounds so disgusting, but believe me i washed my hair everyday like what i was told by the doctor. It became really severe then, that i couldnt even brush my hair without feeling pain. I lost my trust for the doctor and decided not to come back, so i did my own research and i came across K√©rastase. And the very first time i washed my hair with this, my scalp felt so much better, its unbelievable!

3. MakeUp Forever hi ultra matte 003 sophist red lipstick: i have been craving for red lips for...EVEEEER. And im loving this lipstick. And i wear it depending on my mood; matte or not. Because it comes out as matte, when im feeling glossy i'll just add a layer of liquid sheer lipgloss on top of it!

4. Forever 21 Leopard Onesie: I LOVE THESE STUFFS. I love onesies, jumpers, you name it. I already have minnie mouse and little green men costumes, but i've always wanted a onesie! I almost ordered it on eBay months ago but was too lazy (im guessing you are judging me as a lazy person by now, the fact that i've mentioned my laziness over and over again). 


6. NYX Black Label Lipstick: its actually a gift from friends for my birthday last month so its not really a haul, but i just want to say that the color i got (nutmeg) is surprisingly really pretty on my lips and the texture of the lipstick is really soft and good when applied — and it smells good too! If that makes sense... 

So thats all for today. I actually bought a couple of outfits too but i am not home now so i cant really list down my favourites. I know that my haul isnt really fun or anything, but i thought i was just gonna share it to you guys.

See you tomorrow! :)