Year End Wishlist :)

Go Pro HERO 3+, Proenza Schouler Satchel, Nike Fuel Band, Cartier White Gold Bracelet, HUF Socks, Rebecca Minkoff Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs Wristlet-Techno Hologram Wingman, Black Lace Up Boot, MICHAEL Michael Kors Handbag; Selma Large East West Satchel, Naked 3, Benefit Products; The POREfessional, Watt's Up Highlighter, Gimme Brow, benetint, Hervana Blush, L'Oréal Paris Color Riche 374 Intense Plum, Skindinavia: No More Shine, New Balance shoes, YSL Le Rouge Pur Couture, Pink Yoga mat, Windsor Smith's Hologram Tease.

* * *

Hmmmmmm since this holiday I am trying so hard not to die out of boredom, by sleeping and eating and so on.... (Read: I am NOT going anywhere. Which is bad because I have a butt that gets itch every time i stay on the same place for too long), I'm craving for a new adventure. No, maybe just simply a new atmosphere, really. 

I crave that wind which blows my hair, the little waves that hit the shore and the occasional big ones which annoyingly ruins people's sand castles. I crave that sound of sea water dancing back and forth. I crave that beautiful warm sunsets. I miss jumping like stupid person just to avoid the little waves. I want to apply sunblocks on my arms and my leg, to lick ice creams and purchase fake tattoos, and play the classic banana boots. Get my hands back on the jets ski stir! It's been too long my friend.

I crave for the brown sand which forms my footsteps. I want to do the lamest thing: writing my name on the sand - since I don't have anyone's name to write. Lol! I want to build a big sand castle, with a lake inside it, filled with sea water, just like the sand castles I used to see in my childhood books. I want to bury someone's body in the sand but not their head, because that's just hilarious and stupid. I want to drink coconut water straight from the coconut, while the warmth from annoying sun baths my brown skin. Ahhh!!!

It doesn't necessarily have to be Bali or Lombok, I'll be happy just to go to the beach near Bandung or the one which is 10 hours from Jakarta. Anyer probably? I prefer the private or quite ones though.

* * *
Now I know that I'm personally not celebrating Xmas, but I think this video is really inspiring for us. Because sometimes we tend to forget how blessed we are, that we complain all the time and not realize that there are a lot of people who have less than us. 

I have always wanted to do this stuffs. Hopefully I can make it happen next year!

(Oh and I AM SO SORRY for the old school ways I'm using in this post in which I don't put the video in here or give you an easy access/proper link for the video, because I don't bring my laptop and I'm writing all my posts from iPad. And it seems like the blogger app for iPad and iPhones are still a little behind :( I've tried to post from safari but it couldn't be properly accessed too.)

See you tomorrow if you're interested in my NY Resolutions! (Which I bet nobody is).