13th Dec

* * *
went to psycologist today and i feel so much better. it wasnt like i was depressed or anything, but i wasnt happy either. i know i can get through this because im not the only one. people who dont suffer through this wont get it, but she told me there are a lot of people out there who are just as pressured as i am, and i am lucky enough that at some point my condition is somehow better. 

i learnt something new too; 

its na├»ve if you wished to please everyone. you just cant do that. life is unfair that way. find yourself and decide who you are, dont let them define you. 


i hope the poeple out there who are suffering, from whatever reason it is, will eventually find out that there are reasons behind everything that happen. you just have to be strong. chin up! dont let life conquer you.