E & P by RR

(Ini udah lama tp ga ke upload2, so.)

Hi guys. Quick post.

I have just done reading 'matched' by ally condie yesterday and gave it 3 stars. 

For your information, i am a sucker for dystopian stories. I read beach/easy/romance/comedy books though, my favs are ally carter's, shopie kinsella's, sitta karina's, lauren conrad's etc. but i mostly read dystopian ones. 

I kind of tired with school lately. Got home at 9 pm, went to school before sunrise, and did tests nearly everyday throughout the week. And reading dystopian novels are pretty heavy because my brain is already tired, but i need a little sweet escape more than watching ncis, bones and even america's next top models. So i decided to read Eleanor & Park which is a novel i always wanted to read but never really had a chance (and mood) to. 

I thought it would be a classic kind of novel but its not. It took place on 80's or something, but i like the way rowell wrote  it and i defffinitely love the characters. I suck at writing review (if you cant already tell)  and i am a sucker for beautifully written stories and words. So... I'll catch up with you guys later after i finish it. So far im loving it.

Here i leave you with a cute highlighted sentence from the novel lol.

Its not that im a cheesy one or something - but i like the words that not only pass by on your eyes, but touch the heart with the right meaning the writer wants you to feel.