Wimbledon & Green Smoothie 2.0

Hey guys! Today was a pretty good day. Nyekar atung dan mbah kakung, abis itu ke rumah yangti sebentar. Pulang ke surabaya abis maghrib, bela belain minta mama pulang cepet buat nonton final wimbledon yaitu djokovic vs murray. Dari awal udah tau sih it wont be such an easy match, remembering how determined and competitive murray is. Tapi i have my faith on djokovic, love him always anyway. It was a DAMN CRAZY MATCH. I was screaming the whole time my mom even got out of the room, i guess i was too loud. Despite the fact that djokovic lost, i enjoyed the match. The colors of my black and white days, you can say. So exciting lol. I was drinking my green smoothies whole watching the game, and i almost throw
It all up because i got goosebumps like all over my body. 

Enough about it though, i hardly can recover from nole's disappointed face. It was heart breaking. Murray was undeniably played really well though! Good for him, he deserved it.

My green smoothie for yesterday was same like the last post. But today i kind of making it "healthier" by adding more ingredients to it. 

It consists of: 
Spinach and milk, blend together
One and a half banana, 1/4 mango, 4 strawberries, and one carrot. The carrot is raw and i personally dont like raw carrot so i can say that the carrot ruined the flavor. It didnt taste really well, but its not that bad either. Ended up drinking one and a half mug of it...... A tip though, if you dont like the taste, just add some susu kental manis gitudeh bcs mbak delia did that and it worked. 

The banana flavor didnt really dominant in this smoothie!