Green Smoothie

ughhhh you and your mood may be damned whatsoever. trying to cheer myself up by making green smoothies!

tastes way better than it looks. my own recipe :p

you will need : spinach, milk (preferably almond milk but since its quite hard to find - damn indonesia! - regular or soy milk would do, banana and mango.

you will need to blend twice. first you blend the spinach and milk, if you dont really want some additional fat or calories like i do, i only used a bit of milk and the rest was just water. it would taste way better with milk - i've made it for my dadda!

anyway, the flavor of the milk really improve the taste of your smoothie. so i personally would pour some milk rather than adding some sugar.
after they blend smoothly, add one banana, cut into pieces first, and 1/4 of mango. blend them again. there you have your smoothie!

at first it sounded so disgusting to drink, a technically, raw spinach. but it tastes good actually. and if you use water rather than milk, the taste wouldnt be so sweet - but i like it that way!

add some ice cubes if you want.

have a good day!!:)