Taman Menteng


today has been a great day off (from school) haha! started off with catching up revenge season two. i was pretty confused between Greek and Revenge but i feel guilty because i havent watched Revenge for so long so i chose Revenge. AND I DONT REGRET MY DECISION! Season two is much better than the last one. Josh Bowman still amazes me with his beautifulness and muscles and build up body and cuteness. and then Chasa came to my house because later in the afternoon we were going to film our sociology project at Taman Menteng. BECAUSE MALLS ARE TOO MAINSTREAM PEEPZ!

we went to GI first though to visit Market Place. Brightspot kind of thing. Pretty good, but i didnt buy any. and then Chasa bought Tamani-take-away and we capcus to Taman Menteng. when we first got there Chasa shouted "PARK LIFE!" just because. Taman Menteng was crowded with couples from all ages and i dont feel alone at all because im a happy single woman #yezisaiddat

Then we met up with Adel and Usha and we started to work. we filmed the couples, especially the ones with "gerak gerik mencurigakan" and we interviewed some peeps. turned out, there was a rape that happened at the park couple of months ago. and scary thing is, there are a lot of couples doing things that shouldnt be done in public at the park, at mornings. mornings meant 1 am or so. wow ;)


okay so! Adel bought susu jamu or something and actually tasted pretty good! coming from a jamu-hater like me. we ate tahu gejrot too, it felt like culinary. it was fun seeing the other side of Jakarta, besides tall buildings and malls. the park was clean and a lot of families come here too. the weather was perfect to play at a park, and we (me) had fun. oh! and we saw the real-life Radit dan Jani couples. tattoos and tanktops and smokes and punk life. it was pretty cool.

after that, i wanted to do some grocery shopping, so Usha, Chasa and Adel joined me. we walked to Hero, and my grocery included this:

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil (BIG BOTTLE. like literally)
- Strawberries
- Quick Oats
- Quick Pastas
- Coffees ( I W I S H )

ok so it was hard to fight the temptation of buying coffees because they are just so heavenly delicious. but i promised myself to feed my bod with healthier stuffs so i really tried to avoid grabbing a bag of coffees.

i consume oat milks now instead of coffee in the morning because
1. they make me full
2. even if they are tasteless, they arent that bad. esp with banana taste (i consume energen oat milk)

i actually wanted to buy blueberries but they werent avalaible. Huff!

tonight when i got home, i made some cookies. though i failed pretty bad. they came out too fluffy. BUT THEY actually tasted really good!

its very easy breezy at the same time. the recipe:
quick oats+banana

then just microwave them. i think i need to add more oats so that they can be hard like cookies but fluffy is pretty good for me. they taste good and they are healthy. :D

oh and i made some frozen mangoes this week. for nights snack. because mango lagi ga musim, i used buavita but its still good.

sooooo i think thats all! planning to have a good run tomorrow morning. gnite!

ps: ini post-an hari kamis but due to some technical probs. baru di post jumat. :}