Stop Running

have you ever cried but you didnt now why. you really want to stop but you cant. you want to understand your feelings but its too complicated. give up on yourself because you realize you'll always be an incomplete puzzle, and a piece of you would always be gone. when you cry because you are angry and not sad. when you know you're wrong but stubborn enough to keep going. when everything that you believed in turns out wrong. when the people you rely on, dont have your back. when the only hope you have, crushed. when the one person you wish would understand, turn his back on you. when you cant do anything but follow the mess. when theres a long way to go, and you have to get through it alone, you'd rather go back, but there's just no coming back. when you realize you will never be the old you. when you cry in the middle of the night, wish somebody would hear and give you a hug. when you are always wrong, and they are always right. when you try your best, but its never enough. when you cant even defeat your own body and mind. when your brain doesnt want to stop thinking and you get tired of it. when you know what you want, but you cant do nothing about it. when your opinion doesnt matter. when your pillow is wet with tears. when you pretend to sleep so that you dont need to deal with reality. when you really just want to have a simple happy life, but then you realize its impossible. when all you have left is a hope to get out of own life and be somebody new.

tapi, kalo lari terus, kapan ketemu realitanya? thats what ive been thinking. act like im brave enough to face reality. as a matter of fact, im not:) but i have to. and besides, tough times dont last. tough people do. i have no other choice rather than upfront my situations, and im not going to be a loser that runs away and never come back.


i once read a quote.
"everyone around you is fighting a hard battle" lets fight together:)