one of my favorite hobby is: traveling.

i think the thing that makes me love to travel the most is that i am able to discover myself apart from those who have been around 24/7. dont get me wrong, i love people around me. but they've been always there, and there must be some kind of label they put on my forehead. 

the thing about traveling is that you can be whoever you want to be, letting go all the routines you've been doing the past weeks. maybe a one or two companies would be good, though. 

i love traveling because apart from learning new things about a country or a culture, i learn things about myself too. like how i hate staying at the hotel when i'm traveling because i consider it as a waste of time. or how my desire of shopping would go to the highest point. or how neat i could be if i wanted to. 
some things i wouldn't be able to learn in here.

being away from the judgmental people, or even just the people around you. like, sometimes you're just fed up of everything, and get away is one of the best way to solve the knot.

and with traveling, you can even escape from the messed-up-you, to the careless-fearless-trying-new-things-you.

but every hello ends with a goodbye, so does the journey. somehow you need to go back to reality and leave the temporary.