everything is not what it seems

You don't know that it felt awful for me too
You don't know that your words made me feel like a crap
You don't know that I was serious
You don't know that being judged hurts
You don't know that our conversation brings back the old scar I've buried inside
You don't know, they don't know, he doesn't know, she doesn't know

I've been through it all
I didn't shed a tear though, doesn't mean it didn't hurt
I've been trying to fix things, I know what I did was wrong and I don't need nobody to tell me I was wrong. My very own self had already criticized me, successfully made me feel like a trash, I don't need YOU to make me feel like a trash that doesn't recyclable.

I have my own reasons I don't want to explain all over again
All I need was & is people that believed in me. My bestfriends.
I don't feel the need of explaining it to anybody else cause that's my personal life and I don't feel like throwing it up to public, but I just want you to know that I'm not that kind of girl that would waste a heart for a game. I did feel it, and I knew it was real. It just didn't work out.

So I know people pretty much don't read my blog, but if you are reading it; just don't judge me with the decision I made, I have my own reasons a normal brain couldnt handle (probably), I was wrong but after all I was sincere.

Thanks (: