iwitab - cb.

hello everyone! i am so happy tonight i could jump off the cliff right now! :D
is it weird to be so happy because you just found out the song you really wanted to hear? NO. BUT I AM, epically.

so i blogged about the leaked Next To You Music Video. have you watched it? NO? get a fucking life!!!! wkwk. ok pardon me for the badass words. i'm just too happy!

so at the beginning of the music video, that was epic song from chris brown to accompany the opening of the mini-movie music video. the first time i heard it i was like 'DAYUM I LOVE THIS' but i hardly can find the song. i dont know if its true, but i guess this song ain't in his F.A.M.E album. its kinda hard to find the song. because i'm not really good at hearing every words that came out as the lyrics.

i typed 'i have a moment, i capture the moment' and i can't see any lyrics on google about that song.. i keep hearing until chris brown said 'i want it all' many times. i typed it on google and yes there it was!! woho i found the song, which is awesomely called I WANT IT ALL BACK - CHRIS BROWN. yes yes yes idgaf about my bad at hearing english thing idcidc what i care is, i know what this epic song named. lmao. kayyyyyy im too happy.