It's Not The End of The Journey

hello bloggie. today was our last lari pagi. next friday probably holiday and then exams and DONE :(

i still cant believe that its all now comin to the edge. no no, this is not our last journey.
but it's been quite a whole new journey for me, one awesome year, especially with 8EMO.

i still remember, one year ago i was still with 7B, using bopung costumes as Laskar Pelangi. and sang so many songs in the religion's class, didnt want to end our journey.
(to see my post last year click here)

and now im here, dont want to end my journey with 8E ;")

cause there's too much memories that can't even described by words.

today, our last friday running themed randomly. i was being mask-girl ;) i did my best!

yesterday i went shopping with gika, because:
1) i really stress, gika galau, so we do need our relax times. as another ordinary young girl, the solution is = SHOPPING!
2) i have nothing to wear :(

after diggin up for like 3 hours, we finally found a sweet black dress, and for gika, we bought hareem.

today went too fun, seriously!!! the costumes are crazy. im lovin it.
gonna tell you with photos.

with NP, the mask girl!

with Nisita, she is a mask girl too ;)

with Ifan! mask guyyy

with Galih

with Farisa, the demon rawwwrr

with Mbok-mas jamu, mas Ilham Dide Rivanny!

with my boyfie, introducing NADHILA SAFIRA si ganteng!

with Debyyy. shes so pretty

with Dea! the chef x_X

with CYRIL. the clownnnn

with Andras, the cops. WOOF!

it's actually Vina, and she was being an elementary student. but she covered up her face while i took photo with her, idk why....hahaha lawlll it's cute tho.

thanks for being here, forever and always, Nine :)


Gnite, XO

p.s : have a fun trip and safe flight Dad. goin to miss u ;B