Galau. Night.

haii! ini jam 12.00 pas bener2 pas.... hummm blm tidurrr :s padahal besok cfd rencananya sama mbah ray.

galau banget nih hari ini :/ gaktau kenapa mas bro

gara2..bntr lg ulum *mwahahaha*

i'm not smartass, people. but i once thought that study brings smartness to my ass. but i just realized that the smartness between the 'real' smartass and the smartness of the bookworm are just different. and luckiness cant come because you study hard. it's about destiny. and i never feel like i have one. i never feel like i am lucky (about school stuffs). i have to study really hard to get a good score when everybody only read school book as a fairy tale and get 100s. that's kinda bring me down. it's like, why everybody is so lucky enough to get good scores with less effort than me?

but the fact that my report card aint looked so bad makes cheer me up a bit.

and i really want to go to labsky high school, so that's one of my motivation besides make my parents proud of me. actually those seem so simple, who doesnt want to make their parents proud of them? but that's kinda pull me up when i am overboard.

so i am going to study now, preparing for the next monday. i don't care if i have luckies or not, but i am going to do my best.

people said that it's about how we tried. but it's 2011, and people look at the result not the process. i really do admit that kinda sucks. life's experiment, bitch. and mistakes are part of it.

life without mistakes are fake. congratulations people, life is not as easy as you thought it would be, am i right? when i was so much younger, i believe that world's aint crazy. now, i barely can say that world is as straight as poker faces.

semoga kita semua sukses :D