Crazy Little Thing Called Love

just watched CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, one of the most beautiful movies o_o this movie came from Thailand. the story is about an ugly-ordinary-student who's in love with this boy, a really handsome, reallyreallyreally handsome boy that seems so hottie and perfect. she kept her love for like 3 years. when it's the graduation day, this ugly girl that has turned into a really beautiful girl told her feeling to this perfect boy. but then, after she did that she knew that the perfect boy just having a relationship and its just started about one week ago.

then the boy came home. in this scene, he just showed his feeling. he is a photographer, and he always bring his camera. when he got home, he opened his journal which is full with the ugly-that-turned-into-a-beautiful-girl's photos. so, actually, he's in love with her too, from the first grade. before she turned into a beautiful girl.

kay, not gonna tell you the rest or the details. it's not gonna be that fun ;--P JUST WATCH IT, YOU WON'T REGRET DUDE. Believe me :D

happy watching!,