people are talkin' about their facts on twitter but i prefer spreading my facts here :p

1. kind :p
2. crazy, they say
3. frontal
4. kinda sarcastic
5. a girl you hardly understand
6. labile ._.
7. being misjudged really often
8. trying to make people around me happy
9. sometimes i want to be somebody else
10. my style of fashion depends on my way. no fashion icon, no trends.
11. selfish but trying not to
12. loving novels and comics and magazines
13. really need my friends around me
14. sometimes being such a hypocrite. hell yea, who doesn't?
15. for me, its fuckin hard to show you what i feel inside
16. crying is my way to let my pain go away
17. regret. too much.
18. can't even make my own decision without asking some people's opinion
19. sometimes i feel like im not fit in. feel like im not part of them but then i realize, how much i need them and how many times i solved my problems because of them. how many times they texted or called or chat with me just to tell their problems and mistakes ;) i laaaaaaaauf you all!
20. sometimes i think being somebody else will so much better
21. im not that smart in science and math. but im trying to be a good friend for them
22. i hate waiting. i do i do.
23. i really want to be asked about my opinion, before someone that close with me take a decision
24. maybe its childish, but having gifts for your birthday is fun:D
25. music is my way to lose my anger
26. suppppper sensitive ;)
27. not romantic. fuckin at all. all the waaaay. but maybe i will, sooner hahah, who knooows
28. i really need someone who wont give up on me
29. unspoken words......and wishes...hopes.....dreams.......needs............and their friends......killing me
30. really need and want to have a big brother :DDD
31. i love soft colors.
32. foods.....i love them............cant live without them omg ;o cravvvving
33. sometimes i really dont want to go home cause it means im goin to be grounded on my own bedroom being all alone all the way. but sometimes i really dont want someone to disturb me. me times alert haha
34. sometimes afraid of something is shudnt afraid of
35. feeling so different sometimes
36. easily get negative thinking
37. hate sad endings!
38. secretly love my fam somuchee
39. sometimes (really,sumtimes) two faced...ahahaha WHO DOESNT BTW
40. in love with a rocket to da mooon
41. someone said ' i need to talk to you' and im like 'did i do sumthin wrong??'
42. i hate being misjudged
43. i hate when my housewife pretends to be really nice when my parents home haha
44. i hate when someone ruins my plans that ive made perfectly
45. i hate being ignored
46. i hate being told what is forbidden or 'you still a teen or child' ah wtff
47. feelin like i know anything when my knowledge score is 0 :p
49. sometimes i misjudged someone before get to know em better ;) yeaaa karma. doesnt it?
50. im not a plan b maker! what ive planned shud happen....
51. im not hearing any excuses or accept any compromises when its about my dreams or something really important
52. i love being a leader ;D
53. easily stress and depressed ;\
54. i love teaa wooho
55. i love 9th generation sooomuch!
56. i used to be student of diandidaktika 2009 ;D:D
57. i love galau songs.....rawr but i do love the rock or indies one.
58. i love stalking. but not really often
59. im waiting for someone who can make my life more colorful.
60. i get angry easily when im stress or tired
61. not really confident sometimes
62. missing the old you ;\
63. i hate being backstabbed
64. hate someone who takes control of my life
65. trying to understand what happened around me. what happened in my life. but my selfish side win. aiueo :o
66. galau is my habit
67. im at school and study is the last thing i have ever wanted. im at home and im in my mood to study and really need a teacher. how.....
68, really need vacation!!! omg
69. i dont like you. you who's backstabbing me. you who cant even keep their promises
70. perfect life for me is only in a fairytale. when im admitting that happy endings are everywhere.
while there's a perfect things in someone's life, i know right there's some story people would never know..
71. i can keep their secrets. but wwwwwhy! i cant keep my own secrets from my bestfriends and then friends and then.....the secrets spread.
72. i want to have a really new style of bedroom!!!!!!!!
73. sometimes rudeeee
75. sleep and cookies are my drugs
76. im the right brain peeps. not the left one. kinda hate science math and all.....:o
77. i dont like being compared. except im the good one.
78. ihateyouihateyouihateyouiahatethewayyoulookedatmelikeimmatrashthatwouldntfitin
79. easily get badmood, ough badass
80. one of a kind
81. i love karaoke with my bestiees!
82. i lovvvvve sushi and beef teriyaki
83. i want to sleepover at my friend's but its really hard to get the permission from ma parents
84. sometimes i forced myself too hard to accept many disappointment in life. ooow life is a bbbitch :p
85. i dont like being forced except by my own self
86. i love noodles. toodles D:
87. i love music's beats that could handle some of my emotions :D
88. i really dont want to be in a cage, but some situation make me have to. keep being a person everybody wanted me to be is killing. aiueo
89. some stories of me. that nobody will never know. is the saddest part of my wholeeee life
90. rarely cried. when i cry, it means everything just forced me out of the line.
91. i really need internet. its like part of my life. no internet = no life hahaha
92. height is my problemoo
93. i really want to get to sma labsky 2 years again. by jasussss really wantwantwant thats why i studied. one of the most laziest thing in da wurld :p
94. laaaaazy! magermagermager x_x
95. too much dreams that wouldnt come true cause its not rational. the rational dreams are not comin yet.
96. i love chilli :D more than ketchup
98. im such a free birds that need to fly high high higher and feel free to go or do whatever they want aaaa
99. sometimes i think i think too much
100. writing 100 facts about me killing my brain and smacking my fingers! hahaha it's fun to share btw :D

lavya all.

p.s = dont be such a hypocrite. realize that youre same with me...in some ways in some reasons in some sides in some.................numbers. yes you are haha. bye! ;D