things happened lately.

hey fellas! yes i know right i've been skip to post 'anything' lately.
first of all, i spent new years quite lovely, at my cousin's house. and finally i got some things to do while holiday like went to Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk and went to central park with cousins. i used my watercolor camera but it was too old camera and the case, i think, kinda broken so waters fill it and i dunno what happened to the camera. i haven't print out the photos yet. but if its all printed out, i'm gonna put those photos here.

tomorrow, well exactly the 17th day of January 2011 i have BIMENSI X or Bina Mental Siswa 10th. me and my friends (9th generation of labschool kby) will get training from KOSTRAD @ cilodong, depok, for 4 days. and its gonna be so unforgettable and awesome. except for the jurit malam part. i've got the schedule of bimensi bytheway.

so, about bimensi. i'm in tamalatea group with aras, visca, chika, marissa, sarah, grisel, adit, dito, hanif, andra. our color is pink! wahahah. i prepared for bimensi, buying things actually, on Thursday, with aras and syara. we went to mayestik, which is full with labschool students buy the same things -__- one thing i have to tell you is : you've to experience, shopping with Aras Nabila at Mayestik! she is the...you know, scary customer. she is, lets say this, a stubborn bidder HAHA. too much fun buying things with syara and aras cause they are good at bidding. well i learned so much from them.

then we finished buying things at mayestik, we went to gandaria city for taking 3x4 photo for our nametag. i went to gancy with syara, aras, astari, syifa. we took photos at photobox @ Amazing town. we have to take photo with our p.e uniform but the one who bring it was just syara. you all already know that photobox couldn't wait us to change our uniform so we decided to change our uniform super quickly in the box of the photobox! so guess what....we all so damn laughing non-stop during taking photos HAHAHA.

ok, that's all i wanted to say. i am in my stressful condition with this packing things and im insanely wishing during bimensi x i'll get so much miracle....

im off now.