theres no death without eat

just wanna tell you, that i know right the place where to go when im in a really bad mood or had a bad day or just had some fun.
now gonna tell you THIS ;

ive been tried my best to these sheets but you kno, the numbers just never make it worth no-sleep for. seven seven seven seven andddd seven is the averages of the whole scores i know so far... :( even tho theres an 8 and 9, but just once.

so i did really try my best, i ever slept just for 2 hours cause ive spend my time by studying till cant close my eyes.

but you know? the result i got is.... what ive told cha. seven

but, theres thing called tawakal. so, i just tried my best and pray really often so i just need to believe god that god has the best way for me. eaa selm

wellwellwell i had a really good (last) friday run-morning before we holiday, and it was really fun but these tests thingy not allowing me to write down those memories. but i will tell you! as soon as possible ;')

selma *_*