messed up.

honestly, i dont know where to started.

i think about it all day long to start this amazing trashes.

this is something that no one could explain completely. its something that people keep smiling for. its something that make you hurt, but the only thing that can fix the scars.

its something about memories. about missing and welcoming. about realizing that people do change, but some feelings do stay.

its about missing someone, someone who used to make you laugh till you can't breath, someone who make you smile and fooled because their attitudes. someone who accompanied you to stay awake late night and having late night conversations with you.

its about knowing small things could make you smile all day long. how their words could make you feel better. how you think about little thing they did, and how everything about them effected you.

the things you really want to get back when its over. its about trying to get back the way they treated you. because now, they treat you differently.

its about... something you cant explain well. no matter how good you are at playing words.

the feelings that you know right hard to fade away. but holding in it hurts you instead.

oh. well what i want to tell you is... i miss you. and no matter how careless you are about me, i wished the things turned back like we used to :'

i know right. THIS IS unreasonable. completely. but its started out as a feeling which then grew into something bigger.

i know right you have nothing worth. but, you know it doesnt matter.
love is not blind, it sees but it doesn't matter.

and honestly, im not one of those, who try to keep their feelings ;)

i tried to move on. but every time i tried to, you just came and ruined every plans i had.

move on. yeaah sounds easy right? i died a thousands time just to appreciate this phrase.

oh hell yeah, it makes you down but sometimes its the only thing that can cheer you up.

oh whatever you comments are, IM SO TOTALLY DEEPLY HAPPY TONITE cause finally i could wrote this worst feeling ever (of missing someone you know you shouldnt). WOHO!


p.s : i have math and english tests tomorrow, wish me luck, wishers ;)