she's being troubled.

hallo semua.. akhir - akhir ini gue ada banyak masalah. which is, bikin hidup gak tentram aja.
i don't know how to start. what i know is i'm sick of everything.

i am a little girl who has her own selfish thingy..
and i don't even realize, when exactly my life being disturbed.
what i know is... someone changed into a dark life.

what i know is i had a different opinion with life.
and i stay in my opinions, let the life brings everybody go away from me.

what i know is suddenly, someone put a cage on my life.

what i know is, i'm being a rebel girl who cant accept everything easily.

what i know is.. i'm an ordinary girl who is selfish, but most of all, i want to live my life my way.

and in a different part...

people changed. people turned into someone they said they will never be.
i changed.

i tried to forget my trouble and see the future. but i just tried. i cant..still.

and what i know im definitely changed. im being rude.. still. being rude to everybody i truly love.

i. am. teenage.

teenage has their own opinion, what they love is arguing, and what they want is to be loved.
teenage wants a real friend, which they know that wasn't a fairytale.
teenage does the wrong things. to search who they really are.
teenage feels know anything when the fact they are the stupidest human.
and teenage wants their parents understand that labile kills em.

and the last but not least..

teenage wants everybody sees them as they are. not because their scores, their attitude and even their parents.
what they want is a real friend who can hear their boring stories. who laugh with them. who cry with them and caring each other.

what they want is parents that always support them.
understand them, let them do they things if the things isn't dangerous, and support them.
who ask 'why;' instead of angry.

what they want is a special friend who texts em when the sun rises and the moon comes.
that will hug them. who shows em that they are worth. who shows them some loves other bodies cant give. and a special friend who make em say 'thanks God you make me meet them'


im an ordinary then. who really wish that everything is okay. cause a girl like me is a girl who talks a lot and seems too happy to be true, but cry myself to sleep.

cause im in love with somebody out there who doesnt even care with me.

cause im disappoint of people's attitude..

most of all, i'm afraid of u guys.. who dunno me exactly. and im not that rich and the life for me isnt that nice. and im not a high class girl. im just ordinary. am like u guys. and stop calling me rich cause im really not. stop calling me his daughter cause yes i am but im not hisjob's daughter. understood? stop judged me bcs his JOB. stop-it.

i have my own potential. im not bringing fam's name either.

...................the last last last but not least.
i want to remind u. DONT JUDGE ANYBODY FROM THEIR TWEETS. we are what we choosed. but we arent what we tweet.

stop judge, lets the life be nice.
selma \m/