random titles.

im just realizing that im too often posted something sad. something related with :(
but honestly thats what im feeling lately ;'\
gotta change my mood asap, gotta post something happy, full of : plus D = :D

ive been acted happy lately, ive been seems like no one could fight my happiness. so i guess i should got some awards for those acting ;D

so honestly lately ive been in a fuckinbadmood, so i got no inspiration at all. what should i post then? gimme some ideas ^^ just comment or fill the cbox. that gonna be great.

so far, bcs i have no idea, then i'll just tell you the thing that have ruined my mood lately..

sorry for posting this bad topic :p

1. my scores are fuckin bad. i'll get mid test in 2 weeks later. and gonna get my first report. and the final scores are gonna full with red numbers. thats super ruin my mood :\
2. ive got so many pressure in my life, and i dont need the new one. but they came, just came.
a. some people press me to study everyday.
b. some people put some cages to mylife. im like the butterfly who cant even use their own wings :(
c. some people dont believe in me
d. some people dont understand me, and they do so much things i hate
e. some people gimme the new troubles even i dont want to have one of em.
f. some people dont understand how stress i am being in junior high school that having a great scores target :/
g. i super really need refreshing
3. the homeworks never stop. i just screamed stop and they dont even hear it!!!
4. too much great concert lately!!!!!!!! i hate that im under punishment now. i cant watch one of em!!! shit
5. I REALLY NEED SOMEONE. who will be in my side everyday, who will ask me what am i doing or just saying that they miss or need me.

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