hey everybody! long time no see. okay not really "long" my last post was 16/07/10. i think im being more often to post post and post ;] but what i got? nobody cares, nobody read. sosaad.

soo, you know, alhamdulillah now im in 8th grade, from 7b to...


actually, i dont know that this adaptation things are goin to kill me.
you know, i miss 7th grade badly :/ i miss Fall Ou7 Boy. but life goes on. just face it ;]

i dont know what will happen in my new class i dont know is it goin to be fun or not, but i hope its goin to be fun.
its beginning, its not bad as far. and i hope its going to be better.

everybody says still miss 7th grade, but seniors said they felt the same way like us... and as long as we together, we will fall in love with our 8th grade classes. so i hope its goin to be like that.

my grammar got more bad each day.

i still miss the past but try to love the future...