25 things about friendship.

i try to make a list about friendship stuffs. and here we go.

1. true friend stay beside you when everybody leaves you
2. they watched your back
3. they believe you, more than you believe your self.
4. they believe you, when you cannot believe your self.
5. best friend doesn't get angry when you take 'em to some problems.
6. they keeps supporting you, when you are ready or not. when you're success or fail.
7. they'd rather hug you and let you cry on their shoulder than force you to tell 'em what's happening
8. they make you feel comfort when they're around
9. you feel so perfect if you're walkin with 'em
10. face problems easier when you trough it together
11. they hear every negative stuffs people said about you but ignore it and say 'i know her BETTER than anyone else'
12. bestfriend is like a blanket which can make you feel warm, even when you're in North Pole.
13. smile, laugh, cry, regret, disappoint and happy. trough it together no matter what.
14. bestfriend's name is the first name which come out in your brain when you've something to tell.
15. its NO matter when you call 'em at 4am
16. they make you miss 'em badly when they r not around
17. they arent blaming you with every problems that grew because of you.
18, bestfriend accepts you the way you are.
19. they r happy when you are happy.
20. they tried to delete their bad things, and the reason is their friendship.
21. they tell you who you are exactly, when you dont even know WHO YOU ARE.
22. they know you better than you know your self.
23. they remember your habits.
24. they dont say ' be patient ' but 'im here for you'
25. bestfriend respects your decision.