hell-o epribadi ;)
sooooooo, kamis kmrn gue reunian sd mihihihi. it was so fun ;) we met at dd 9 am and we went to my house together. lil bit stressed to be the committee. and our dresscode was GHOST!
after arrived at my house, we had a little picnic. ive put some tickers on the grass and some foods, drink and mirrors ;) we were goin to make up our self, bein like ghost. we used face painting, lipstick, eye liner and sasha hair color. it was so much fun.
the girls used make up, and the boys played soccer. after all thing finished, we went to gubuk, i had surprise there. ive put a ghost who whould fly if we opened the door. and i ve record my own voice to be the soundtrack. well, my voice is pretty creepy ppl ;P
after that, we played bikes, watched our video when we were at kindergarten etc.
and then we played basah2an. alya was bringing her thomas plastic pool and it WAS REALLY REALLY FUN!
eat eat eat and go home. but until 6 pm , nera indah tami biya indesta najla uti and aya still at my home ;) we played sims, laughed very muchemuche. and everything that related about fun stuffs. AAAAAA

if life has rewind button,
selma ;)

nb : alhamdulillah gue lulus orientasi ;) makasih ya semua doanya.