life must goes on guys. but it doesn't mean you can leave your problems in the past and pretending that you've forgot. i got so much problems, in my life especially when im growing up. in the time that i am a teen, emotional and stress.

yesterday i watched biology-movie. about puberty. and well, it told me that when we're in a puberty time, we need our space. we want to free. example. if parents are key, we want parents to open our door and give us the key. so we can set our life by own self. we think that we can, but we don't.

you know? in my English Class, there's a sentence like this 'adult doesn't like teen's stuffs'

and that was totally right, i think.

but, from me, a teen. hi adult, you've been us right? you've been a rude teens. or maybe our era is different but... you know. we're growing up and everything in our body push us to be rude, its... normal. can i say like that?

so please understand :p