hey guys, so what are you doin? i am... lil bit tired bored lazy and everything.
i am bored, i am sleepy. i am lazy to study PKn actually tomorrow i have test.
but well, i am student that never wish to be a student under pressure. it isnt press me or bring me down, seems not. but actually it makes me tired of life and bring me down SLOWLY. killin me.

homeworks and tests never met holiday. its nightmare. yes it is. course too.

think bout it. if everyday you got tests and homeworks, will you get bored? if me, yes i will.

so now, im trying to get fresh brain. maybe internet isnt the way to get fresh brain but what should i do? sleep.i will.

so, forget school stuffs, just wimme luck

now, i am reading FLIRT novel, story about Olivia. yes its a really good novel. i have this novels since i am on grade 4th.

and now... i have done my hand out, but im too lazy to back to study (after printed) so i choose to twitting and browsing for a while. get some fresh brain, yes i really neeeeeeeeed holiday *i said this one last post*

oops, i realized that i was talkin about school stuffs again. maybe i was born to be students all the time? pretty sad.

fine, byee 8)