lilo & stitch &&&& stuffs :D

boogie-ers :o
i want to tell you about a thing, ,and im so addict with it.

soooo..........i am addict to ------> something that we called -------> (banyak bacot oke-_-) -----> LILO AND STITCH!

1. when i search laptop case, there was a REALLY pretty cutie bunnie switie bittie laptop case with design LILO AND STITCH. and its rili cutie. then i addict with it.
2. i wonder why i could like las (lilo and stitch) and the result is....... yepppppppp that just so damn cool cartoon!

sooooo, hbu hbu? what do you like?

i am selma, they are lilo and stitch, we are different ryt? :D,