what is bestfriend in your mind?

gue mau nulis ttg bestfriend di post an ini, buatan gue loh, dan beberapa terinspirasi sm tmn2 gue & tweeples. maaf kalo ada yg sama, maaaf kali quotesnya pasaran dan gk bermutu. ini dr pandangan seseorang yang percaya adanya shbt :) i love you.

*you & me, have magnets, that keep us tight. when something make us separated, when the magnets are rusty, some trust of us make our magnets be clean again and nothing barrier :)

*bestfriend has the best shoulder for my tears, and has the best hand to erase it. has the best ears to hear my story and has the best mouth to make me calm and support me.

*bestfriend is someone who know this ; when i say im alright, you keep walk beside me and talk to me by your eyes. "i know you are not"

*the best place to keep your secret? diary. but the best place to keep your secrets, let your tears down, let your angry out, get respond, get solution, get hug, get support and get new power is bestfriend.

*if they are really my bestfriend, i believe of them, that they wouldnt be a backstabber. yes, im sure.

*want know who is your best friend? ; when you got problem, who's the first one that you searched out? *not family

*someone who has important part of you life.

i hate orang budeg,