im a 'narsis' girl, so i love to take photos too much -_- wanna know? take a look.

its last night, i feel bored and boren to study and feel so lazy and tired, cause everyday i have a lot of homeworks and test. so you can look, i was being a crazy girl -_-

you must know, im a headcraft collector lwoch :) i love to take many photos with my uniqe headcraft and i love to hang out with cute headcraft and im not shy -_- i havent "feel shy" thats my friends said, but actually i have , hhhh!

its when i was iseng , i want to took jump-photos but failed -_-''

thats in the morning, im still havent bathing, lazylazy, and i was taking many photos with Reno my brother <3

i have a lot of unimportant photos, i just lazy to put in here, bye blople :P wait me in the next post!!

narsis girlzzz,