everything of me

maaf ya jarang postt!! abis gatau apa yg mau diceritain. zzzzz haha
trs gue sibuk gt kan bljr. tobat gue jd anak baek. yaudah gue mau cerita gajelas ajadeh. baca aja yak  dpt pahala kok amin -_-

this is my barney bag :) ->
i bought it when holiday in surabaya , thats cute bag. 
you know barney ryt? barney is purple -_- thats m
mm seems like clown in other means. barney is a film. not really popular in indonesia, i think. 

<- thats barney! cute ryt? actually im not really love it, and hmmm HAHA i never looked the film -_- but i 
know the clown and i think its not bad.
mmmm, ohyea, maybe i've looked the film, the film is sing together ryt? i not really understand and not really remember.

ohya, if you want to play game online about barney, i have the link. HEYHEY THIS THE GAME!

nexty .

its my UM card. UM is plane's card. soooooo, um, i often go to surabaya alone to meet my parents, they are work there. and because im still child , i must to have UM card, so in plane and airport, stewardess will accompany and help me take care of everything.
you can say i often go alone, but i still afraid. dunno why buttttttttt, yeah alone is bored.

i want to tell you about the comic, not the model -,- but just for information, im right and my cousin, cita, left. 
okydoky, i love conan too much! dunno why but aoyama gosho is the best comicus for me! he could made a good-scary-fun story. and his story can make me afraid to go to toilet alone!!!!!! -,-''

heeeey well, this so middle night, and tomorrow i have school, so just in here yea bloggy, forgive me cause i rarely post, its not because i busy with my twitter, it just because i havent something to told you, okay babyy, bye :)

P.S : i just dissapointed, the walker is rarely walking to my blog.