bad style

honestly, my fashion style is so bad :( i'm not good in here. my style just jeans and t-shirt. that's enough for me. but finally, im trying to change my style. still bad, still simple.

that's bad ryt? uh.
oh weelll, im a simple girl. i love to use my style although that's sooo simple. but its me. and i proud of it ;D

1. Cantik Kayak Mama T-Shirt by NavNav design. 
i bought it in Cilandak Townsquare when  exhibitioned. that's cool T-Shirt ;) with a cool quotes too! 

2. Skirt by Coco.
i bought it in PIM when i was searching new clothes for lebaran ;)

3. Uniqe Handcraft by Naughty.
i bought it in Naughty with Nera! that's the one of my collection :D i've said if i love to collection headcraft, ryyyt? :D

oh well that's all about my style. :D

bad stylish,