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Stranger: hi
You: hey
Stranger: y
You: asl?/
Stranger: 16 f korea
Stranger: u
Stranger: ?
You: 15 f indnesia
You: *indonesia
You: nice to meet ya :p
Stranger: me toooooo
You: yaaaps
Stranger: what`s the diffrent thing indnesia and indonesia?
Stranger: i`m just wondering!
You: i mean indonesia
You: haha
You: i wrong typed "indnesia"
Stranger: i see
You: yeaa
Stranger: how do you think about korea?
You: im so sorry my english is worst
You: nice country!
Stranger: me tooooo lol
Stranger: oh
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: many people don`t like my country
Stranger: so i`m so sad
You: my friends often go there every year :P and always bring cute thing from korea! love it :p
You: why?
You: your county havent problem, i think
Stranger: thanks!
Stranger: i don`t know many things about your country
Stranger: but i love your country
Stranger: hehe
You: wahaaa thanks :D
You: why you love my country?
Stranger: i love your culture
Stranger: it`s so wonderful
Stranger: and i love curry and rice
Stranger: lol
You: wahaaaa thanks!
Stranger: ure welcome
You: you love our food ? me too
Stranger: haha
Stranger: it`s so delicious!
Stranger: we often eat your food
You: yeppp
You: ohhh haha
You: what do you think about malaysia??
You: just asking
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: i don`t have a information about it
Stranger: i`ll study
Stranger: lol
You: cause they often steal our culture
You: lol
Stranger: omg..
You: hmmm yea
Stranger: we have stolen our country
Stranger: by
Stranger: japan
You: no
You: not it i mean
You: we stolen our country from holland too
You: not it i mean
Stranger: a........
Stranger: i see
You: malaysia stolen our culture
You: like batik
You: traditional dance
You: song
Stranger: it mean they use your culture
Stranger: or
You: yess!!
You: that i mean
Stranger: i see
Stranger: but aren`t it good meaning?
Stranger: becuz they spraied your culture over the world
You: but they said its theirs!! not indonesia's
You: they acknowledge our culture
You: :p
Stranger: oh i understand
Stranger: we have experience it too
You: um yeah
You: who is stolen your culture?
Stranger: china
You: omg
Stranger: they assert our culture are theirs
You: yes malaysia doing like that too
Stranger: omg
You: annoying lol
Stranger: they are unconscientious
You: yep
You: um yeaaaah what is your name??
Stranger: kim se ryeong
Stranger: what`s yours?
You: selma
You: :D
Stranger: what`s meaning?
You: safe from all thing
You: and whats the meaning of your name?
Stranger: ring the world
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: your name is pretty
You: yours too
Stranger: thanks
You: i call you "kim"?
You: ur welcome , friend
Stranger: ok
You: okok :D
Stranger: do you have a pic?
You: yeap
You: can you show me your pic?
Stranger: ok
You: i'll do it too
Stranger: do you have a facebook?
You: yeap!
Stranger: give me your adress
You: kasak.kusuk@hotmail.com
You: please add kim
You: :D
Stranger: loving_95@naver.com
You: okay
You: you add me or i add you?
Stranger: i`ll add you
You: okay :D
You: tell me if you already add me
Stranger: please check up
You: wait
You: okay
You: i already confirm you
Stranger: hey
You: im writing wall to you
Stranger: who are you in your profile?
You: right
Stranger: ur so cute
Stranger: haha
Stranger: hey
Stranger: i have to go out right now
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: let`s meet later
Stranger: bye