kuce kuce kutahe HHAHAHAHAHHA

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Stranger: hi
You: heyhey
Stranger: asl
Stranger: hoho
You: where r u from?
Stranger: ind
Stranger: u?
You: me too :D
You: indonesia ?
Stranger: no
Stranger: india
You: ohhhhhhhhhh
You: nehi nehi
You: kuce kuce kutahe
Stranger: o ya
You: ae ae ae
You: syalalalalalla
Stranger: wat was that
You: your film
You: kuce kuce kutahe
You: lecya lecya auooooo lecya lecya
Stranger: thats kuch kuch hota hai
You: oooo
You: im sorry
Stranger: never mind
Stranger: so u watch indian movies
You: lol
Stranger: do u watch in hindi or dubbed in ur language?
You: dubbed


nehi nehi, selma HAHA