i proud :3

okay dokay, for two days i stayed at home until my body is feeling not good cause i just sit everytime, just for fix my blog to be better and not be boring like before.
google be my dictionary and my supporter (ea ea hahaha)
my blog is better than before, either this blog not very awesome. and no one praise my blog. but its okay, cause i know my blog is not special.

i think with little change it will be awesome blog.  and for that im trying to make good templates but i dunno the step. so please help me :) i really need it.

for you, it just ugly blog, not important blog, not exist blog. but for me, its my awesome blog. cause all in this blog were made by myself. so i feel satisfied with this blog. and you know, i study really hard to make my blog until like this. 

im not profesional.

profesional would think, make blog like this is very easy, ryt? but for me, its very very make me proud :)))

maybe for you its overacting post, but actually i just wanna tell you i really happy with my progress in my blog . and im really not arrogant but i just wanna say , its created by myself. i reply to say that cause i really proud :) and i promise to study hard again to fix fix fix this blog :)

love ya, xoxo. 
a girl who is studying to have great blog, selma

p.s : your blog cooler than mine!! :p