are you lesbian? -_-

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Stranger: Hi. I'm a 19 yr old lesbian. I'm looking for other horny girls to cyber with.
You: im lesbian too 18 yr (<--- GUA BOONG SUMPAH LHO GUA GA LESBI!)
Stranger: really?
Stranger: do u have any pics?
You: mmm yeah have (<--- punya lah -_-)
Stranger: may i see them ;)
You: send with what
You: ?
You: :')
Stranger: upload3r.com
You: i dont understand -_- (<---- alezzzzan)
You: just in here ok?
Stranger: ya you upload it there and it gives you a link to the pic
You: ohhh
You: mmmm im shy (<----- alezzzzzzan)
Stranger: dont be ;)
You: sorry

lesbian, selma HAHAH