actually, i backed to my sweety home on last tuesday.
you know, from sunday until tuesday i have KALAM. (sanlat)
that is sooooo make me tired, so i don't posted about it yesterday, cause i feel not good.

in first day -> sunday. 
we came to school on seven o'clock. i still sleepy because i already wake on 4 o'clock to Sahur cause its the second day of fasting.
i bring my kipling suitcase, and my ransel.
in fact, i didn't need to bring my ransel, but i cannot fold my sleeping bag, so i must to bring it, for keep it HAHA

we have 5 of items today, (yes, we sit on the big room and hear a host teach us about ramadhan)
sometimes its boring, but i enjoyed it. haha :D

its almost like Labs Fresh School Day (MOS), we must to do all quickly, we always hear a shout from kakak osis / mpk. but i feel so usual, cause since i be a labshool student, i always hear it. 

when first time i am in here.

about quick. im not lie. its real.
from 3 floor go to 1 floor just have 5 minute, must to run, but can't. 200 people with the same time try to go down, but the way just TWO.

because, just 45 minutes, for 200 student. so  i prefer to wash my body with MITU in bedroom.

every day we have to hear a evaluation about our progress.
about quick we have a progress on second day.

second day - monday.

we just have 4 items! yuhuuuuuuuuwsss (: 
but we must to remember asmaul husna, dzikir habis solat, doa harian, surat pendek, surat luqman, dan al baqoroh.

and if we are cannot remember that, we must to reply KALAM for the next years with our junior. you know? its sooooooooo .................................................................

OH YEAH, YOU KNOW? we sleep at 10.30 and wake on 03.00

YOU KNOW? ITS MAKE ME TIRED AND SLEEP FOR 3 DAYS! but its okay, its fun :P 

above all, when sleep time. 
we pair our sleeping bag and sleep together, i miss it :D:D

kakak kakak osis / mpk awake us with WHISTLE! i always shocked because it. and the lamp turn on. its make my eye hurt.

and after we wake, they will thunder usssss .

but actually, they are good senior!! they are so fun!

my mentor : kak fidel.

she is so beautiful :pp
and very good senior :DDDD

but in the afternoon of the second day, she must to change with kak Zhafira

but kak zhafira is really good too!
they are a really good seniors :D

third day - tuesday

YEAY we will go back to our home, and we will have  break time! can sleep can sleep wohohoho

before we APEL (ceremony) we have polling.

the most beautiful, handsome, good senior, fierce, mystical, and the best couple! wihiiiw

its so fuuuuuun! 
altough kalam is so tired, kalam very fun! and i miss it hihi

selma a tired girl